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Can shrubs regain shape?
Like most of Athens, we got a lot of snow last week. We planted some new shrubs over the summer and their shape has been squished by the added snow weight. Is there anything I can do for them?

Fall a great time for planting
Fall planting of trees and shrubs might go against your grain.

Growing food in pots can be easier than planting
Two of the hottest trends in gardening are containers and cultivating fresh food, and many savvy families are beginning to combine the two. They're growing their vegetables in pots.

Outdoors: Richardson - Planting tomatoes in the modern era
I blame it all on Walt and John. These two gentlemen were friends of mine, but their status is currently up for re-evaluation. Walt runs the local Southern States agricultural establishment in town and John owns and operates a top-shelf landscaping company. Both are quite good at their jobs. In fact, calling them good at their jobs would be akin to calling the Taj Mahal a pretty nifty tomb; it just wouldn't do it justice.

South Plains producers need planting rains
South Plains cotton producer Shawn Holladay relies on spring rains to give the fluffy fiber he grows a shot at making it to harvest.

Help to grow: Farm director hopes to educate, help fund at-risk youth program with raised-bed gardens
Roy Riddle said he hopes to accomplish two things by selling raised-bed gardens to aspiring Lubbock gardeners.

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